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Home Automation

Spanning from sunrise to sunset, automation does amazing things in your home that ordinarily you don’t want to be bothered about. It controls virtually everything home electronics and electrical… you name it!


Whether you’re home or not, your security lights turn on and curtains will draw close at sunset.


Automatically sets the perfect temperature to cool the atmosphere.


Door Locks, Motorized Gates, Alarm notifications and IP cameras; all on your Smart tablet.


All your music and movies in any room, at any time, at your fingertips.

Media Room

A large flat-screen television, high performance surround sound and cosy seating. Many claim to have media rooms, but only a few are deserving of the name.

Concealed Display

A big black screen on a wall isn’t aesthetically appealing. Why not take it out-of-sight in style?

Custom Speakers

Floor standing or wall speakers constitute a clutter in your living space. Let’s do something a little special…

Dramatic Performance

Select a movie and your blinds black out, lights dim and breath-taking sound kicks in.

Home Cinema

Desired by many. Reserved for a few. The distinct methodology behind how an exceptional Home Cinema is designed, engineered and integrated, absolutely demands a dedicated cinema enthusiast.

The Big Screen

4K video resolution that puts you in the movie.

Immersive Sound

Sound should feel natural and with immersive sound, movies are brought to life.

The Room

Room size, shape, materials and acoustic performance makes a great difference.


Comfortable seating, inspiring wall panelling and interior decor takes your movie experience to the next level.

Whole House Entertainment

With movies and music being the lifeblood of family entertainment in the home, your personalised entertainment brings excitement and enjoyment to everyone with ease and convenience.

Movies & More

Start a movie in the Living room, pause it, retire to the bedroom and press play.

Music & More

Any music in any room at any time, whether it be on your phone, PC, or internet, enjoy great sound all around your home.

Media Sharing

Share vacation photos and videos with your family and friends on your TV displays – wirelessly.

Online Content

Bring all your online digital services into one place – Netflix, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Kodi, YouTube & more.

High Performance Audio

A priceless devotion to respect for premium sound reproduction.

Stereo Imaging

In reproducing life-like sound, the human ears must have matching speakers.

Active Crossovers

Audio control in perfection requires each speaker driver to be independent of one another.

Deep Bass

Efficient speakers with sensitivity up to 126dB SPL/1m and frequency response as low as 35Hz.

Power Amplification

Bi-amplification delivers a theatre-like performance in really large living spaces.

Home Security

Protecting your home is top priority for us! We employ the most advanced technology to guarantee your safety and security as you enjoy peace of mind.

IP Surveillance

Experience HD live video of your property on your mobile devices.

Access Control

Fingerprint keyless entry guarantees high-end security. Control doors and gates from your mobile devices.

Integrated Security

Intrusion and fire alarm sensors secure the internal and perimeter of your property. Receive smart alarms within seconds on your mobile devices.

Door Entry

Automate the controls of your roller shutters and electronic gate barriers with our smart HD intercoms.

Smart Lighting

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two at home or a party with friends, setting the right mood is extremely important. We perfect the art of blending artificial lighting with natural lighting, to awaken personal and emotional experiences within distinct spaces.

Elegant Control

Smart, elegant keypads and touch panels to control your lighting.

Lighting Scenes

Different mood and ambient lighting profiles for an enhanced experience.

Energy Efficiency

Automatically switch off lights in unoccupied spaces using presence sensors.


It is sunset and your home automatically turns on the security lights and draws close the window blinds.

Home Area Network

Many claim to have media rooms, but only a few are deserving of the name.


Improve your existing network for enhanced speed and coverage.


Centralized distribution hub for all your media and entertainment needs.


Completely secure and reliable networking.

Surge Proof

Protection against surge and power failures.

Motorized Window Shades

With modern architecture, the popularity of glass walls pose a new challenge of sun glare and cooling. Using motorised window shades to control the natural lighting and reduce sun glare, thereby cutting your cost on air conditioning with enhanced aesthetics.


A tested solution for even the most challenging window application.


Battery powered shades for up to 3.5m large windows.


Highest quality standards.

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